IPSI Transactions on Advanced Research, or (TAR)
(formerly: IPSI BgD Transactions on Advanced Research)

July 2018 | Volume 14 | Number 2 | ISSN 1820 - 4511

Guest Editor Mutlu, O., Ghose, S., and Ausavarungnirun, R.
Special issue - "Recent Advances in Overcoming Bottlenecks
in Memory Systems and Managing Memory Resources in GPU Systems"

Guest Editor Introduction
Mutlu, O., Ghose, S., and Ausavarungnirun, R.

Predictable Performance and Fairness through Accurate Slowdown Estimation in Shared Main Memory Systems
Subramanian, L., Seshadri, V., Kim, Y., Jaiyen, B., and Mutlu, O.

High-Performance and Energy-Efficient Memory Scheduler Design for Heterogeneous Systems
Ausavarungnirun, R., Loh, G. H., Subramanian, L., Chang, K., and Mutlu, O.

Exploiting DRAM Microarchitecture to Increase Memory-Level Parallelism
Kim, Y., Seshadri, V., Lee, D., Liu, J., and Mutlu, O.

Reducing DRAM Refresh Overheads with Refresh–Access Parallelism
Chang, K. K., Lee, D., Chishti, Z., Alameldeen, A. R., Wilkerson, C., Kim, Y., and Mutlu, O.

Exploiting Row-Level Temporal Locality in DRAM to Reduce the Memory Access Latency
Hassan, H., Pekhimenko, G., Vijaykumar, N., Seshadri, V., Lee, D., Ergin, O., and Mutlu, O.

Heterogeneous-Reliability Memory: Exploiting Application-Level Memory Error Tolerance
Luo, Y., Govindan, S., Sharma, B., Santaniello, M., Meza, J., Kansal, A., Liu, J., Khessib, B., Vaid, K., and Mutlu, O.

A Memory Controller with Row Buffer Locality Awareness for Hybrid Memory Systems
Yoon, H., Meza, J., Ausavarungnirun, R., Harding, R. A., and Mutlu, O.

Decoupling GPU Programming Models from Resource Management for Enhanced Programming Ease, Portability, and Performance
Vijaykumar, N., Hsieh, K., Pekhimenko, G., Khan, S., Shrestha, A., Ghose, S., Jog, A., Gibbons, P. B., and Mutlu, O.

Holistic Management of the GPGPU Memory Hierarchy to Manage Warp-level Latency Tolerance
Ausavarungnirun, R., Ghose, S., Kayıran, O., Loh, G. H., Das, C. R., Kandemir, M. T., and Mutlu, O.

Mosaic: An Application-Transparent Hardware–Software Cooperative Memory Manager for GPUs
Ausavarungnirun, R., Landgraf, J., Miller, V., Ghose, S., Gandhi, J., Rossbach, C. J., and Mutlu, O.