IPSI Transactions on Advanced Research, or (TAR)
(formerly: IPSI BgD Transactions on Advanced Research)

January 2015 | Volume 11 | Number 1 | ISSN 1820 - 4511

Guest Editor Miodrag Mihaljevic:
Special issue on Cryptology and Cyber-Security

An Improved Slide Attack on Trivium
Baksi, A., Maitra, S., and Sarkar, S.

Privacy Preserving Light-Weight Authentication Based on a Variant of Niederreiter Public-Key Encryption
Mihaljevic, M., and Imai, H.

Second-Order Nonlinearity Bounds of Cubic MMF Bent-Negabent Functions Constructed by Using Feistel Functions
Gangopadhyay, S., and Mandal, B.

A Note on the Structure of 6-Variable Bent Functions
Gangopadhyay, S., and Sharma, D.

Defeating Steganography with Multibit Sterilization using Pixel Eccentricity
Imon, M., Goutam, P., and Jawahar, A., J.,

Mechanism Design of Data Sharing for Cybersecurity Research
Matsuura, K., and Hosoi, T.

Cyber-Physical Systems Supply Chains and Cryptographic Research
David, W., M.