IPSI Transactions on Advanced Research, or (TAR)
(formerly: IPSI BgD Transactions on Advanced Research)

July 2013 | Volume 9 | Number 2 | ISSN 1820 - 4511

Guest Editors H. Fujii and V. Milutinovic:
Special Issue on Space Elevator Technology

Model Predictive Control for Nonlinear Wave Equations
Hashimoto T., Fukui Y., and Ohtsuka T.

Construction of Space Elevator Model Using Absolute Nodal Coordinate
Uchiyama K., Iijima K., and Fujii H.

Feasibility Study on the Planetary Airship
Kusagaya T., Fujii H., and Kojima H.

Examination on 2-Dimensional Storage Method of Tape Tether and Analysis of the Deployment Behavior
Takeo W., Masahiro S., Hironori F., and Hirohisa K.

Study of Layer Sampling Method for Asteroid Probe - Application Possibility of Japanese Sword Technology
Takeshi S., Takeo W., Shouichirou T., Kenji U., Hironori F., Hajime Y., and Genrokurou M.

Tether Technology for Active Vibration Control of Tethered Space Solar Power Satellite
Fan J., Fujii H., and Yano Y.

Length Measurement of Tape-Tether Deployed in Space (Inverse-ORIGAMI Method)
Fujii H. and Mizuno T.