IPSI Transactions on Advanced Research, or (TAR)
(formerly: IPSI BgD Transactions on Advanced Research)

January 2010 | Volume 6 | Number 1 | ISSN 1820 - 4511

Pearls of Wisdom by the President of Florida Atlantic University:

Interview - Mastery of Multimedia
Furht, Borko

Ljubljana University Research Efforts:

More Precise Fairness Bounds of Deficit Round Robin Scheduler
Kos, Anton; Tomazic, Saso

Interpretation of Multilingual Documents in e-Speranto Using the Client-Server Architecture Model
Jakus, Grega; Tomazic, Saso

A User Study of Auditory Versus Visual Interfaces for Desktop Computer
Sodnik, Jaka; Tomazic, Saso

Efficient User Data Synchronization
Stancin, Sara; Tomazic, Saso

Ontologies and Knowledge Representation for Information Retrieval from Knowledge Databases and the Internet
Omerovic, Sanida; Tomasevic, Saso; Radenkovic, Bozidar