IPSI Transactions on Advanced Research, or (TAR)
(formerly: IPSI BgD Transactions on Advanced Research)

January 2006 | Volume 2 | Number 1 | ISSN 1820 - 4511
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Bit and Power Loading for Wireline Multicarrier Transmission Systems
Ahrens, Andreas; and Lange, Christoph

Topological considering of drawing development of children
Motoya, Yoshiko

Picture Script: Visualizing Graphical User Interface Commands for Recycling
Sasakura, Mariko; Iwata, Kenichi; and Yamasaki, Susumu

Interactive Distance Teaching - Application Study of a combined Semester Course of two Universities
Meiï¿œner, K.; Fischer, U.H.P.; Wermser, D.; and Dettmann, U.

The Effect of Demographics on Seamless Mobile Service Interface
Mattila, Anssi; and Pento, Tapio

Modelling of the Non-linear Stochastic Systems
Tabrizi, H. N., Mohammad; Liu, J., Jui; and Billings, A., Steve

Thermal Wave Propagation Phenomenon in Thin Film by Means of Molecular Dynamics Method
Torii, Shuichi; and Wen-Jei, Yang

An fMRI Study of Emotional Engagement in Decision-Making
Perez-Alvarez, Frederic; Timoneda, Carme; and Reixach, Jordi

Do Takeovers Downgrade the Contents of Human Rights and Freedoms in EU?
Korze, Branko

Determinants of structural adjustments: A Case of Slovenian companies
Rant, Melita

Lab System for Higher Education in Wavelength Division Multiplex Techniques for Photonic Systems
Fischer, U. H. P.; Schmidt, M.; Volmer, T.; Weigl B; and Just, J.-U.

Political System's Evaluation Using Markov Model with Sustainability and Safety as Reverse Processes
Lepage, Alain