IPSI Transactions on Advanced Research, or (TAR)
(formerly: IPSI BgD Transactions on Advanced Research)

January 2005 | Volume 1 | Number 1 | ISSN 1820 - 4511
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Guest Editor's Introduction: Wisdom of Education for Globalization
Milutinovic, Veljko

Issues in Wireless Security Based on AES Hardware Implementation
Bojanic, S. Carreras, C., Diez, J. M., and Nieto-Taladriz, O.

Programming Language Concepts for Global Computing
Ferreira, U.

Information Extraction from Texts: Adapting a System for Summarization of News Reports to the Domain of Bioinformatics
Gawronska, B.

easyTransport: An Interoperable and Secure e-ticketing Model based on Contactless Smart Cards
Gomez Skarmeta, A.F., Martinez Perez, G., and Yago Sanchez, C. M.

Adaptive Collaboration: The Road Map Leading Telework to a More Advanced and Professional Working Format
Hori, M. and Ohashi, M.

Molecular Processes as a Basis for Autonomous Networking
Kruger, B. and Dressler, F.

H1B Visa and the Policy Vignette for 21st Century Dislocated Workers in the United States
O'Lawrence, H.

Factors Affecting Supplier Adoption of Governmental Reverse Auctions: an Exploratory Case Study
Radhakrishnan, A., Davis, S., and Davis, B. R.

Quantifying the Learning Efficiency of Programming Learning and Its Implications
Shyu, Y.

Agile Systems for Clinical Research
Wade, T. D. and Murphy, J.R.

Reasoning Procedure and Implementation for Logic Programs as Managing Schemes to Extract Demand
Yamasaki, S., Iwata, K., and Sasakura, M.