IPSI Transactions on Advanced Research, or TAR
(formerly: IPSI BgD Transactions on Advanced Research)

January 2023 | Volume 19 | Number 1 | ISSN 1820 - 4511
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Guest Editors: Marko Marinković and Mirjana Radović-Marković

Special issue:

"Use of Modern Software for Investigating Contemporary Problems
in Traffic, Laser Scanning, and Earthquake Engineering"
--- AND ---
"Digitalization of Work and New Skills Entry into Entrepreneurship"

Marko Marinković and Mirjana Radović-Marković

Stančić, Nikola; Kovačević, Jovan; Cvijetinović, Željko; Brodić, Nenad; and Mihajlović, Dragan
Vehicle Routing Problem in the Open-Source Software ‘ODL Studio’
IPSI Bgd Transactions on Advanced Research, Vol. 19, No. 1, January 2023, pp. 5-12.

Kovačević, Jovan; Stančić, Nikola; Cvijetinović, Željko; Brodić, Nenad; and Mihajlović, Dragan
Airborne Laser Scanning to Digital Elevation Model – LAStools approach
IPSI Bgd Transactions on Advanced Research, Vol. 19, No. 1, January 2023, pp. 13-17.

Praštalo, Gordan
Seismic Analysis of a School Building with Reinforced Concrete Panels
IPSI Bgd Transactions on Advanced Research, Vol. 19, No. 1, January 2023, pp. 18-27.

Bošković, Matija
Comparative Analysis of Behaviour of Different Constructive Systems
of Reinforced Concrete Building Under Earthquake Loading

IPSI Bgd Transactions on Advanced Research, Vol. 19, No. 1, January 2023, pp. 28-36.

Mirjana Radović-Marković
Digitalization and New Skills in the Workplace
IPSI Bgd Transactions on Advanced Research, Vol. 19, No. 1, January 2023, pp. 37-41.

Radulović, Sofija; Todorović, Katarina; Radović-Marković, Mirjana; Petrušić, Irena; and Dragojević, Arsen
Socio-Economic Profiles of Remote Workers
IPSI Bgd Transactions on Advanced Research, Vol. 19, No. 1, January 2023, pp. 42-49.

Radulović, Sofija; Đurović, Sandra; Marković, Dušan; Vučeković, Miloš; and Petrušić, Irena
Protective Factors at Work at Home in Four Countries of the Western Balkans
IPSI Bgd Transactions on Advanced Research, Vol. 19, No. 1, January 2023, pp. 50-55 .

Grgurević, Nikša; Radulović, Sofija; Petrušić, Irena; and Maksimović, Ana
Impact of Psychosocial Adaptability to Success of Business from Home
IPSI Bgd Transactions on Advanced Research, Vol. 19, No. 1, January 2023, pp. 56-63.

Vujičić, Slađana; Momčilović, Oliver; and Lukić, Marija
The Influence of Information Technologies in the Development of Entrepreneurship
IPSI Bgd Transactions on Advanced Research, Vol. 19, No. 1, January 2023, pp. 64-68.

July 2022 | Volume 18 | Number 2 | ISSN 1820 - 4511
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Goran Rakocevic
Distributed Self-Organizing Maps embedded into Wireless Sensor Networks

January 2022 | Volume 18 | Number 1 | ISSN 1820 - 4511
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Jovanović, Milan and Milutinović, Veljko
Filtering of Update Messages in Reflective Memory Systems

July 2021 | Volume 17 | Number 2 | ISSN 1820 - 4511
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Guest Editor: Gyula Mester
Special issue - "Topics in Applied Informatics and Self-Driving Cars"

Mester, Gyula
Editorial - Topics in Applied Informatics and Self-Driving Cars

Delilovic, Namik and Salaj, Darjan
Bio-Inspired Neuromorphic AI Methods Enables Privacy Respecting Security and Surveillance
IPSI Transactions on Advanced Research, Vol. 17, No. 2, July 2021, pp. 3-7.

Berek, László
Smart Devices and Services in The Library - The Importance of Smart Libraries
IPSI Transactions on Advanced Research, Vol. 17, No. 2, July 2021, pp. 8-12.

Simon, János; Čović, Zlatko; and Papp, Zoltán
Development of a Voice-Command Based Interactive Educational Toys for Preschool Age
IPSI Transactions on Advanced Research, Vol. 17, No. 2, July 2021, pp. 13-18.

Pisarov, Jelena
Autonomous driving
IPSI Transactions on Advanced Research, Vol. 17, No. 2, July 2021, pp. 19-27.

Albini, Attila; Albininé Budavári, Edina; and Mester, Gyula
Adaptation of Bittorrent Technology for Routing Autonomous Vehicles
IPSI Transactions on Advanced Research, Vol. 17, No. 2, July 2021, pp. 28-31.

Maravić Čisar, Sanja; Pinter, Robert; Kővári, Attila; and Pot, Miklos
Application of Eye Movement Monitoring Technique in Teaching Process
IPSI Transactions on Advanced Research, Vol. 17, No. 2, July 2021, pp. 32-36.

Albininé Budavári, Edina; and Rajnai, Zoltán
The Energy Impact of Social Engineering
IPSI Transactions on Advanced Research, Vol. 17, No. 2, July 2021, pp. 37-40

Pisarov, Jelena and Mester, Gyula
Implementing New Mobility Concepts with Autonomous Self-Driving Robotic Cars
IPSI Transactions on Advanced Research, Vol. 17, No. 2, July 2021, pp. 41-49.

Bautista, César
Human Perception inside of a Self-Driving Robotic Car
IPSI Transactions on Advanced Research, Vol. 17, No. 2, July 2021, pp. 50-56.

Nyikes, Zoltán
The Cybersecurity Challenges of the COVID-19
IPSI Transactions on Advanced Research, Vol. 17, No. 2, July 2021, pp. 57-62.

January 2021 | Volume 17 | Number 1 | ISSN 1820 - 4511
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Guest Editors: William Steingartner and Gyula Mester
Special issue - "Contemporary Topics in Theoretical and Applied Informatics"

Steingartner, William and Mester, Gyula
Editorial - Contemporary Topics in Theoretical and Applied Informatics

Novitzká, Valerie; Steingartner, William; and Perháč, Ján
A Simple Categorical Model of Reference Type
IPSI Transactions on Advanced Research, Vol. 17, No. 1, January 2021, pp. 3-7.

Baraník, Róbert and Steingartner, William
Teaching Support for the Visualization of Selected Recursive Algorithms
IPSI Transactions on Advanced Research, Vol. 17, No. 1, January 2021, pp. 8-12.

Bilanová, Zuzana and Madoš, Branislav
Development of Intensional Logic Ideas in the Field of Logical Analysis of Natural Language
IPSI Transactions on Advanced Research, Vol. 17, No. 1, January 2021, pp. 13-16.

Bilanová, Zuzana and Madoš, Branislav
From First-order Logic to Higher-order Logic in Terms of Logical Analysis of Natural Language
IPSI Transactions on Advanced Research, Vol. 17, No. 1, January 2021, pp. 17-21.

Perháč, Ján and Varchola, Peter
Interactive Learning Application for Teaching the Rusyn Language
IPSI Transactions on Advanced Research, Vol. 17, No. 1, January 2021, pp. 22-27.

Perháč, Ján and Havira, Marek
Securing Linux Server by Intrusion Detection System
IPSI Transactions on Advanced Research, Vol. 17, No. 1, January 2021, pp. 28-31.

László, Ady; Luca F., Hudasi; and Gyula, Mester
Self-driving Car Ecosystem as a Complex System
IPSI Transactions on Advanced Research, Vol. 17, No. 1, January 2021, pp. 32-36

Popović, Jovan and Korolija, Nenad
SQL Server Database Architecture Evolution to Cloud Database
IPSI Transactions on Advanced Research, Vol. 17, No. 1, January 2021, pp. 37-42.

Delilović, Namik and Maurer, Hermann
Producing Unifying Reports on Topics of General Interest
IPSI Transactions on Advanced Research, Vol. 17, No. 1, January 2021, pp. 43-48.

Djekić, Milica D. and Mester, Gyula
The Technological Aspects of Tor's Project
IPSI Transactions on Advanced Research, Vol. 17, No. 1, January 2021, pp. 49-54.

July 2020 | Volume 16 | Number 2 | ISSN 1820 - 4511
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Guest Editor Gyula Mester
Special issue - "The Research Results of The Doctoral School on Safety and Security Sciences, Obuda University, Budapest, Hungary"

Mester, Gyula

Berek, Laszlo
How to Identify Predatory Journals? An Idea of an Expert System
IPSI Transactions on Advanced Research, Vol. 16, No. 2, July 2020, pp. 3-6.

Devenyi, Geza and Rajnai, Zoltan
Development Aspects of Autonomous Road Vehicle Infotainment Systems
IPSI Transactions on Advanced Research, Vol. 16, No. 2, July 2020, pp. 7-10.

Pisarov, Jelena and Mester, Gyula
The Impact of 5G Technology on Life in the 21st Century
IPSI Transactions on Advanced Research, Vol. 16, No. 2, July 2020, pp. 11-14.

Kasza, Zoltan
Analyzing the Corrosion Potential of a Lightning Protection Systems
IPSI Transactions on Advanced Research, Vol. 16, No. 2, July 2020, pp. 15-19.

Hullan, Szabolcs
The Nuclear Emergency Response System - The Source of Best Practice
IPSI Transactions on Advanced Research, Vol. 16, No. 2, July 2020, pp. 20-24.

Ninkov, Ivona and Mester, Gyula
Safety and Security Aspects in Drones Regulations
IPSI Transactions on Advanced Research, Vol. 16, No. 2, July 2020, pp. 25-30.

Čović, Zlatko
New Approaches in Education of Software Engineers
IPSI Transactions on Advanced Research, Vol. 16, No. 2, July 2020, pp. 31-34

Janos, Simon
Challenges of Transforming Production Enterprises in the Transition
to the 4th Industrial Revolution

IPSI Transactions on Advanced Research, Vol. 16, No. 2, July 2020, pp. 35-39.

Ferenc, Molnar
Future Prospects of Energy Supply in the Light of New Trends
IPSI Transactions on Advanced Research, Vol. 16, No. 2, July 2020, pp. 40-42.

Kasza, Zoltan
Lightning Protection Risk Analysis for Condominiums
IPSI Transactions on Advanced Research, Vol. 16, No. 2, July 2020, pp. 43-46.

January 2020 | Volume 16 | Number 1 | ISSN 1820 - 4511

Guest Editors: Kos, A., Mihelic, J., Čibej, U., Bojić, D., Živković, M., and Mihaljević M.
Special issue - "Research Cooperation of Slovenia and Serbia"

Part#1: The Idea Articles on Software Science and Engineering
Special issue articles:

Kos, A., Mihelic, J., Čibej, U., Bojić, D., Živković, M., Ognjanović, Z., and Mihaljević M.

Secure WebSocket Based Broker and Architecture for Connecting IoT Devices and Web Based Applications
Hribernik, M., and Kos, A.

Reliable Communication Protocol for Wireless Biofeedback Systems in Sport
Hernández Casillas, A., Tomažič, S., and Kos, A.

Machine Learning based Accuracy Prediction Model for Augmented Biofeedback in Precision Shooting
Yang, L., Guo, J., Bie, R., Tomažič, S., and Kos, A.

Wearable Sensor Device for the Acquisition of High Dynamic Movements in Sport
Romano, L., Altieri, A. F., Tomažič, S., and Umek, A.

Application of Inertial Sensors in Vertical Jump Performance Assessment
Marković, S., Dopsaj, M., Tomažič, S., and Umek, A.

The Empirical Cost of Generalization: Subgraph Isomorphism and Clique Search
Parenton, A., Čibej, U., Mihelič, J., and Fürst, L.

System Level Scheduling for Deep Learning Inference on Edge Cluster with FPGA Accelerators
Bojić, D. and Korolija, N.

The List of Diameter-2-Critical Graphs with at Most 10 Nodes
Radosavljević, J. and Živković, M.

Electronic Guides – An Example of Application of Information Technologies in Representation of National Heritage
Stanković, R. S., Tatić, D., and Ognjanović, Z.

On Replacing the Consensus Protocol of Ethereum Blockchain Platform
Todorović, M.

Part#2: An Article by Invitation Inspired by Academia Europaea
On Opinion Heritage and Proverbial Wisdom of Selected Experts

Proverbial Opinions of Selected Experts:
From Past Experiences to Future Directions

Antunovic, V., Bozovic, I., Cloetingh, S., Dakovic, N., Delilovic, N., Djukanovic, M.,
Furht, B., Giorgi, R., Kavcic, A., Kondorosi, E., Lazic, M., Maurer, H., Mencer, O., Mesinger, F.,
Mihaljevic, M., Milutinovic, V., Mircevski, D., Moutinho, L., Ognjanovic, Z., Papale, P., Petersen, O.,
Radovic-Markovic, M., Rizvic, S., Salom, J., Verkhratsky, A., Vunjak-Novakovic, G., Zlokovic, B.

July 2019 | Volume 15 | Number 2 | ISSN 1820 - 4511

Guest Editors: Milutinović, V. and Salom, J.
Special Issue - "On Haiku Wisdom about Research Experiences"

Milutinović, Veljko and Salom, Jakob

Do Not Forget Passion!
Kavčić, Aleksandar

No Situation is Absolute
Miladinović, Božidar

On the Victories of Learning
Mirčevski, Dejan

A Task You Really Don't Want
Rakočević, Goran

Blagodati Božije
Ikodinović, Igor

On Ideas and Intentions
Ratković, Ivan

The Earth and the Heavens
Kovačević, Miloš

From Learning to Lecturing
Trifunović, Nemanja

On Systems’ Complexity
Korolija, Nenad

On Persistence in Research
Stanković, Stevan

Five Little Monkeys
Jelisavčić, Vladisav

On Discoveries in Science and Engineering
Babović, Zoran

January 2019 | Volume 15 | Number 1 | ISSN 1820 - 4511

Guest Editors: Nenad Mitić, Faculty of Mathematics;
Zorica Bogdanovic, Faculty of Organizational Sciences;
Drazen Draskovic, School of Electrical Engineering;
University of Belgrade

Special issue - "ICT Research at the University of Belgrade and at its Foreign Guests"

Conditional Random Fields-based Aproach to Classification: Application to Life Sciences
Grbić, M.

Maxeler's MaxWare on AWS with example applications
Milanković, I. and Trifunović, N.

A system for Crowdsensing Vibration Comfort in Smart Traffic
Baljak, L., Filipović, F., Jezdović, I., and Labus, A.

An Application of Agent Based Simulation in E-education
Živojinović, L., Naumović, T., Barać, D., and Despotović-Zrakić, M.

Innovative IoT-based Business Models in Telecommunications
Kokolj, S., Stojanović, M., Bogdanović, Z., and Radenković, B.

Bracketing an Extremum: DataFlow Implementation of the Golden Section Search Algorithm in One Dimension
Pejić, D. and Arsić, M.

Toward Automatic Tagging of Cultural Heritage Documents
Tanasijević, I.

Formalizing Algebrization of Geometry Statements
Simić, D.

Use of Dataflow Computing for Bitcoin Mining
Meden, R. and Kos, A.

Variety of Dataflow Computing Applications
Korolija, N., Milutinović, V., and Popović, J.

July 2018 | Volume 14 | Number 2 | ISSN 1820 - 4511

Guest Editor Mutlu, O., Ghose, S., and Ausavarungnirun, R.
Special issue - "Recent Advances in Overcoming Bottlenecks
in Memory Systems and Managing Memory Resources in GPU Systems"

Guest Editor Introduction
Mutlu, O., Ghose, S., and Ausavarungnirun, R.

Predictable Performance and Fairness through Accurate Slowdown Estimation in Shared Main Memory Systems
Subramanian, L., Seshadri, V., Kim, Y., Jaiyen, B., and Mutlu, O.

High-Performance and Energy-Efficient Memory Scheduler Design for Heterogeneous Systems
Ausavarungnirun, R., Loh, G. H., Subramanian, L., Chang, K., and Mutlu, O.

Exploiting DRAM Microarchitecture to Increase Memory-Level Parallelism
Kim, Y., Seshadri, V., Lee, D., Liu, J., and Mutlu, O.

Reducing DRAM Refresh Overheads with Refresh–Access Parallelism
Chang, K. K., Lee, D., Chishti, Z., Alameldeen, A. R., Wilkerson, C., Kim, Y., and Mutlu, O.

Exploiting Row-Level Temporal Locality in DRAM to Reduce the Memory Access Latency
Hassan, H., Pekhimenko, G., Vijaykumar, N., Seshadri, V., Lee, D., Ergin, O., and Mutlu, O.

Heterogeneous-Reliability Memory: Exploiting Application-Level Memory Error Tolerance
Luo, Y., Govindan, S., Sharma, B., Santaniello, M., Meza, J., Kansal, A., Liu, J., Khessib, B., Vaid, K., and Mutlu, O.

A Memory Controller with Row Buffer Locality Awareness for Hybrid Memory Systems
Yoon, H., Meza, J., Ausavarungnirun, R., Harding, R. A., and Mutlu, O.

Decoupling GPU Programming Models from Resource Management for Enhanced Programming Ease, Portability, and Performance
Vijaykumar, N., Hsieh, K., Pekhimenko, G., Khan, S., Shrestha, A., Ghose, S., Jog, A., Gibbons, P. B., and Mutlu, O.

Holistic Management of the GPGPU Memory Hierarchy to Manage Warp-level Latency Tolerance
Ausavarungnirun, R., Ghose, S., Kayıran, O., Loh, G. H., Das, C. R., Kandemir, M. T., and Mutlu, O.

Mosaic: An Application-Transparent Hardware–Software Cooperative Memory Manager for GPUs
Ausavarungnirun, R., Landgraf, J., Miller, V., Ghose, S., Gandhi, J., Rossbach, C. J., and Mutlu, O.

January 2018 | Volume 14 | Number 1 | ISSN 1820 - 4511

Guest Editor Filipovic, N.
Special issue - "Advances in BioEngineering (2)"

Filipović, N.

Finite Element Analysis of Femur during Gait Cycle
Vulović, A., Šušteršič, T., and Filipović, N.

Effects of Geometry Optimization on Mechanical Performance of Nitinol Stent Design: Finite Element Analysis
Nikolić, D. and Filipović, N.

Computational Molecular Docking Study of Interactions between Anion of Kaempferol and Procalcitonin
Milenković, D., Stanojević Pirković, M., Jeremić, S., Dimitrić Marković, J., Dimić, D., Amić, D., and Marković, Z.

Atherosclerosis Progression and Fractional Flow Reserve in Coronary Arteries
Filipović, N., Nikolić, D., Saveljić, I., Milosević, Ž., Isailović, V., Nikolić, M., Ćirković-Andjelković, B., Vukičević, A., Jagić, N., Themis, E., Fotiadis, D., Pelosi, G., and Parodi, O.

Application of Data Flow Engines in Biomedical Images Processing
Milanković, I., Mijailović, N., Peulić, A., and Filipović, N.

Contact Problems: Angioplasty and Stent Deployment Modeling
Isailović, V., Kojić, M., and Filipović, N.

Electrochemical Detection of microRNA-21
Živanović, N. M., Cvetković, D., and Filipović, N.

Computational Analysis of Bicuspid Aortic Valve
Djorović, S., Milosavljević, A., Velicki, L., and Filipović, N.

Biomechanical Behavior of Dento-Alveolar Complex Affected by Periodontitis: Finite Element Study
Zelić O., K., Nikolić-Jakoba, N., Cimbaljević, M., Vukičević M., A., Jovičić, G., Filipović, N., and Djurić, M.

Jumping Analysis on the Force Plate and Computer Simulation
Radaković, R., Mijailović, N., and Filipović, N.

July 2017 | Volume 13 | Number 2 | ISSN 1820 - 4511

Guest Editor Filipovic, N.
Special issue - "Advances in BioEngineering"

Filipović, N.

Computer Simulation of Flow through the True and False Lumen of Aortic Dissection
Saveljić, ., Velicki, L., and Filipović, N.

Safe Operation Assessment of the Cardiovascular Stent
Jovčić, G., Vukičević M., A., and Filipović, N.

Finite Element Solution of Cupula Deformation for Use in a Mobile Platform
Vulović, R., Nikolić, M., and Filipović, N.

DPD Model of the Semicircular Canal Containing Cupula
Nikolić, M and Filipović, N.

Computational Modeling of Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo Disease
Milošević, Ž., Isailović, V., Saveljić, I., Nikolić, D., Pavlović, D., and Filipović, N.

Composite Smeared Finite Element – Some Aspects of the Formulation and Accuracy
Kojić, M., Simić, V., and Milošević, M.

Software for Real Time Interactive Tracking of Otoconia Particles within the Semicircular Canals of the Inner Ear
Đukić, T., Saveljić, I., and Filipović, N.

Aerosol Particle Deposition in Dry Powder Inhaler Aerolizer®
Šušteršič, T., Vulović, A., Cvijić S., Ibrić, S., and Filipović, .

A Model Fitting Approach for Prediction of Oral Cancer Second Primary Tumor
Andjelković Ćirković, B., C, Daniela E., and Filipović, N.

Antioxidant Activity of the Carboxylate Anions of the Selected Dihydroxybenzoic Acids
Đorović, J., Milenković, D., Jeremić, S., Avdović, E., Amić, A., Dimitrić Marković, J., and Marković, Z.

January 2017 | Volume 13 | Number 1 | ISSN 1820 - 4511

Guest Editor Kotlar, M.
Special issue - "Selected student and faculty research in applications of dataflow computing"

Experimental Algorithmics for the Dataflow Architecture: Guidelines and Issues
Mihelič, J. and Čibej, U.

Discrepancy Reduction between the Topology of Dataflow Graph and Topology of FPGA Structure
Veljović, D.

Solving the Poisson Equation Using Dataflow Technology
Stojanović, M.

Implementing Neural Networks Using the DataFlow Paradigm
Kotlar, M. and Milutinović, V.

Calculating the Value of Polynomial and Rational Function of Real and Complex Numbers on Maxeler Architecture
Marković, D.

DataFlow Implementation of the Runge-Kutta Method
Zečević, A. and Pavlović, D.

Binary Search in the DataFlow Paradigm
Dundić, I. and Salom, J.

Implementation of Simpson's Rule on a DataFlow Architecture
Zica, P.

Generating Algorithms for Counting k-grams
Novosel, R. and Mihelič, J.

Experimental Evaluation and Comparison of Memory Allocators in the GNU/Linux Operating System
Zavrtanik, M. and Mihelič, J.

July 2016 | Volume 12 | Number 2 | ISSN 1820 - 4511

Guest Editor Mihaljevic, M.
Special issue - "Advances in Cryptology and Information Security"

Key Recovery from State Information of Sprout: Application to Fault Attack
Maitra, S., Sarkar, S., Baksi, A., and Dey, P.

Fourier Entropy-Influence Conjecture for Cryptographic Boolean Functions
Gangopadhyay, S. and Stanica, P.

Generic Construction of Ciphertext-Policy Attribute-Based Signcryption Secure in the Adaptive Predicate Model
Ishizaka, M., Ohata, S., and Matsuura, K

On Symmetric Incoherent Eavesdropping on BB84 and its Variants
Maitra, A. and Paul, G.

An Algebraic Security Evaluation Approach of Certain Encryption Techniques
Mihaljevic, M. J.

January 2016 | Volume 12 | Number 1 | ISSN 1820 - 4511

Guest Editor Maurer, H.
Special issue - "Using the Web: New Alternatives"

Milutinovic, V. and Salom, J.

The Next Quantum Jump of the Internet
Jelisavcic, V. and Maurer, H.

Optical Character Recognition of Old Fonts ? A Case Study
Pirker, J. and Wurzinger, G.

Smart Web Services (SmartWS) ? The Future of Services on the Web
Maleshkova, M., Philipp, P., Sure-Vetter, Y., and Studer, R.

Digitalization of Scientific and Cultural Heritage in Dissemination of Innovative Teaching Models
Lajbensperger, M.; Segan, M.; Vujosevic, S.; and Ognjanovic, Z.

A Dataflow Machine Architecture for Static Dataflow Program Graphs
Verdoscia, L.

July 2015 | Volume 11 | Number 2 | ISSN 1820 - 4511

Guest Editor Radovic-Markovic, M.
Special issue on Cryptology and Cyber-Security

Individuality and Education: the Effects of a New Education Strategy on Development Individuality
Radovic-Markovic, M.

Concepts and Theories Embedded in the New Paradigm of Education
Lindgren, C. E.; and Blount, L. L.

Pedagogy Innovation in Business Education
Avolio, B.

Leaders Education Adopted to the Work in Virtual Organisations
Vujicic, S.; Nikitovic, Z.; Markovic, D.; and Jovanovic, J.

The Role of Virtual Communication in the Transmission of Knowledge
Baltezarevic, V.; Baltezarevic, R.; and Jovanovic, D.

An Impact of an Educational System on Organizational Effectiveness and Sustainable Development of Any Society
Krumov, K.; Larsen, K.; Radovic-Markovic, M.; Krumova, A.; and Hristova, P.

January 2015 | Volume 11 | Number 1 | ISSN 1820 - 4511

Guest Editor Miodrag Mihaljevic:
Special issue on Cryptology and Cyber-Security

An Improved Slide Attack on Trivium
Baksi, A., Maitra, S., and Sarkar, S.

Privacy Preserving Light-Weight Authentication Based on a Variant of Niederreiter Public-Key Encryption
Mihaljevic, M., and Imai, H.

Second-Order Nonlinearity Bounds of Cubic MMF Bent-Negabent Functions Constructed by Using Feistel Functions
Gangopadhyay, S., and Mandal, B.

A Note on the Structure of 6-Variable Bent Functions
Gangopadhyay, S., and Sharma, D.

Defeating Steganography with Multibit Sterilization using Pixel Eccentricity
Imon, M., Goutam, P., and Jawahar, A., J.,

Mechanism Design of Data Sharing for Cybersecurity Research
Matsuura, K., and Hosoi, T.

Cyber-Physical Systems Supply Chains and Cryptographic Research
David, W., M.

July 2014 | Volume 10 | Number 2 | ISSN 1820 - 4511

Guest Editor Radovic-Markovic, M.:
Special Issue on Employee Performance Measurement, Evaluation and Development

Measuring Professional Competencies of Virtual Teams: Fuzzy-Logic Based Model
Radovic Markovic, M. and Markovic, D.

The Effect of Financial and Non-Financial Incentives on Montenegro Employees' Satisfaction
Popovic, S., Mugosa, A., Cerovic, J., and Vukcevic, S.

Competency Model for Regional Disparities - Serbian Development Context
Lutovac, M., Jevtic, B., Grozdanic, R., Danilovic Grkovic, G., and Zakic, N.

Development of Entrepreneurial Innovative Competences through E-Learning: An Evidence of Serbia
Radovic-Markovic, M., Markovic, D., Grozdanic, R., and Vucekovic, M.

The Mechanisms That Contribute to the Development of Employees Competencies in the Organization
Nikitovic, Z., Somborac, B., and Malovic, M.

Tacit Knowledge in the Communications Network
Baltezarevic, V., Baltezarevic, R., and Jovanovic, D.

January 2014 | Volume 10 | Number 1 | ISSN 1820 - 4511

Guest Editors Filipovic N.,Salom J., and Milutinovic V.:
Special Issue on the FP7 ARTreat Project

Optimization Procedures During Parallelization of Specialized Software for Fluid Flow Simulations
Filipovic, N., Djukic, T.

Parallelization of Specialized Fluid Flow Simulator Based on Lattice Boltzmann Method on a Multi GPU System
Djukic, T., Topalovic, M., Filipovic, N.

Modeling of the Behavior of 222Rn Progeny In Diffusion Chamber Using CUDA
Stanojevic, A., Ivanovic, M., Stevanovic, N., Filipovic, N.,

Parallel Algorithms for Statistic Modeling of Dam Behavior
Ivanovic, M., Nikolic, S., Stojanovic, B., Milivojevic, N., Filipovic, N.,

Modeling of Selfhealing Materials Using Dissipative Particle Dynamics Method and Parallelization at Architectures of Shared and Distributed Memory
Petrovic, D., Obradovic, M., Jovanovic, A., Jovanovic, S., Filipovic, N.,

Scientific Applications in Cloud Computing
Ogrizovic, D., Car, Z., Kovacic, B.

July 2013 | Volume 9 | Number 2 | ISSN 1820 - 4511

Guest Editors H. Fujii and V. Milutinovic:
Special Issue on Space Elevator Technology

Model Predictive Control for Nonlinear Wave Equations
Hashimoto T., Fukui Y., and Ohtsuka T.

Construction of Space Elevator Model Using Absolute Nodal Coordinate
Uchiyama K., Iijima K., and Fujii H.

Feasibility Study on the Planetary Airship
Kusagaya T., Fujii H., and Kojima H.

Examination on 2-Dimensional Storage Method of Tape Tether and Analysis of the Deployment Behavior
Takeo W., Masahiro S., Hironori F., and Hirohisa K.

Study of Layer Sampling Method for Asteroid Probe - Application Possibility of Japanese Sword Technology
Takeshi S., Takeo W., Shouichirou T., Kenji U., Hironori F., Hajime Y., and Genrokurou M.

Tether Technology for Active Vibration Control of Tethered Space Solar Power Satellite
Fan J., Fujii H., and Yano Y.

Length Measurement of Tape-Tether Deployed in Space (Inverse-ORIGAMI Method)
Fujii H. and Mizuno T.

January 2013 | Volume 9 | Number 1 | ISSN 1820 - 4511

Guest Editors Miljanic S., Salom J., and Milutinovic V.:
Special Issue on

The Wood's Way: Brilliant Experimental Physics and Practical Jokes
Palmer, W. P.

Spectrophotometric and Chromatographic Study of Reaction Between [AuCl4]- and Quercetin
Bondzic, A., Savic, J., Milenkovic, A., Vujacic, A., Vasic, V.

Modification of WTi/Si System by 1064 nm Picosecond Nd:YAG Laser Pulses
Petrovic, S., Gakovic B., Perusko, D., Cekada M., Panjan P., Trtica, M.

Towards the Standardization of the I-E Curves of Oxygen Reduction Reaction on a Rotating Polycrystalline Pt Disc Electrode
Mentus, S., Pasti, I.

Chemical Mixtures that Sort Themselves
Miljanic, O.

Procedure and Mathematical Formalism for Determining Deuterium Content in Some Water-Soluble Hydrogen Compounds by Laser Spectroscopy (OA-ICOS)
Stosevski, I., Andric, J., Miljanic, S.

July 2012 | Volume 8 | Number 2 | ISSN 1820 - 4511

On Probability Logic
Ognjanovic, Z., Raskovic, M., Markovic, Z., and Perovic, A.

Entropy Semiring Forward-Backward Algorithm for HMM Entropy Computation
Ilic, V., Stankovic, M., and Todorovic, B.

Types and Roles for Web Security
Ghilezan, S., Jaksic, S, Pantovic, J., and Dezani-Ciancaglini M.

A Parametric Simplex Search for Unconstrained Optimization Problem
Zhao, Q., Mladenovic, N., and Urosevic, D.

On Certain Coding Approaches for Security Evaluation and Design of Stream Ciphers
Mihaljevic, M.

Spectral Graph Theory in Computer Science
Cvetkovic, D. and Simic, S.

January 2012 | Volume 8 | Number 1 | ISSN 1820 - 4511

Imaging and Modern Biophysical Approaches
Andjus, P.

A Laser System for Construction of Dot Matrix Holograms
Zarkov, B., Panteli?, D., and Jelenkovi?, B.

High Relevance Combined with High Resolution: Advantages of in vivo Two-Photon Microscopy for Drug Discovery
Khiroug, L. and Pryazhnikov, E.

Monitoring Cellular Metabolic Interactions of Nanoparticles in an ALS Experimental Model Using SECARS Microscopy
Machtoub, L., Batavelji?, D., and Andjus, P.

Shining a Light on the Structural Dynamics of Ion Channels Using Förster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET)
Martinac, B. and Cranfield, C.

Miracle Tale in Japan and Mathematics - Our Own Will and Imagination in Education -
Motoya, Y.

July 2011 | Volume 7 | Number 2 | ISSN 1820 - 4511

Special issue on Advances in Mathematics:

The Guest Editor Address
Bringslid, O.

Case Study: Coding Theory Subject Design for Engineering Students at the University of Salamanca
Bringslid, O., Hernandez-Encinas, A.; Martín del Rey, A.; Martín-Vaquero, J.; Queiruga-Dios, A.

Mathematica and Algebra: A Good Marriage for the Learning Based on Competencies
Cabello, A. B.; MartIn, A.; Rodriguez, G.; de la Villa, A.

Xmath Partial Differentiation Algorithm
Bringslid, O.

An Effective Use of CAS for Reasoning as a Cognitive Tool
Tadashi, T.

Aspects of ICT in Mathematical Activity: Tool and Media
Morten M.

January 2011 | Volume 7 | Number 1 | ISSN 1820 - 4511

Pearls of Wisdom by Nobel Laureate:

Interview - Creativity for Recovery from Crisis
Arrow, K.

Invited Papers:

Early year's Geometry - Children's conception according 'Transformation'
Motoya, Y.

Object Knowledge for Retrieval and Diagnosis
Yamasaki, S.; Sasakura, M.; Iwata, K.

Metadata Management in Building Bridges between Software
Berati, G.

Modelling of the Humanoid Robot Motion
Mester, G.

Some Isotope Aspects of a Hydrogen Energy Concept
Miljanic, S.

July 2010 | Volume 6 | Number 2 | ISSN 1820 - 4511

Pearls of Wisdom by Nobel Laureate:

Interview - Economist's Look to Creativity
Maskin, Eric

Invited Papers:

Human Carrying Capacities: a New Economics
Ord, Rob

Knowledge Transfer with Intention to Improve Design While Reducing Operational Expenses
Maricic, Tihomir; Karney, W. Bryan; Pejovic, Stanislav

Understanding Creativity
Dorfler, Viktor; Baracskai, Zoltán; Velencei, Jolán

The Dynamics of Knowledge Spillover for Functionality Development in Japanese Acoustic Equipment Industry
Shibata, Yosuke; Saiki, Tomoko

Using Data Driven Decision Making in Higher Education: A Pilot Case Study with Implications for Technology Policy
Wright, Diane

January 2010 | Volume 6 | Number 1 | ISSN 1820 - 4511

Pearls of Wisdom by the President of Florida Atlantic University:

Interview - Mastery of Multimedia
Furht, Borko

Ljubljana University Research Efforts:

More Precise Fairness Bounds of Deficit Round Robin Scheduler
Kos, Anton; Tomazic, Saso

Interpretation of Multilingual Documents in e-Speranto Using the Client-Server Architecture Model
Jakus, Grega; Tomazic, Saso

A User Study of Auditory Versus Visual Interfaces for Desktop Computer
Sodnik, Jaka; Tomazic, Saso

Efficient User Data Synchronization
Stancin, Sara; Tomazic, Saso

Ontologies and Knowledge Representation for Information Retrieval from Knowledge Databases and the Internet
Omerovic, Sanida; Tomasevic, Saso; Radenkovic, Bozidar

July 2009 | Volume 5 | Number 2 | ISSN 1820 - 4511

Pearls of Wisdom by the Honorary Doctor of Belgrade University:

Interview: "Overcoming Global Economic Crisis"
Iwai, Katsushito

What Will Become of the Corporation? -A Comparative Perspective
Iwai, Katsushito

University of Belgrade Research Efforts by Faculty of Organization Sciences:

ICT Project Management in Companies in Restructuring - Example of NIS
Petrovic, Goran; Despotovic, Marijana

The Economic Models for the ATM Network Implementation
Rankovic, Marko; Vaskovic, Vojkan

Structure and Functions of Virtual Organization as a Framework for Strategy Design
Ondrej, Jasko; Cudanov, Mladen; Jevtic, Milos

Methodology for Creating Adaptive Online Courses Using Business Intelligence
Despotovic, Marijana; Bogdanovic, Zorica; Barac, Dusan

January 2009 | Volume 5 | Number 1 | ISSN 1820 - 4511

Pearls of Wisdom by Nobel Laureate:

Interview: "Creativity in Science"
Perl, Martin

Invited Papers:

Radical Innovation Challenge versus Organizational Motion Reality
Lepage, Alain

Intellectual Property Management of Biotechnology Start-ups and Companies in Japan
Saiki, Tomoko; Takahashi, Toru

The Responsibilities of a European Union Member State as a Social Market State in the Implementation of Competitiveness Increasing Measures
Korze, Branko

A Model for Integration of m-Learning into Learning Management System
Vukmirovic, Dragan, Miloradovic, Natasa; Bogdanovic, Zorica

Information in Plants
Jovanic, Branislav; Radenkovic, Bozidar, Despotovic, Marijana

July 2008 | Volume 4 | Number 2 | ISSN 1820 - 4511

Pearls of Wisdom by Nobel Laureate:

Interview: "Quarks and Quantum Chromodynamics"
Friedman, Jerome

The New Views of the Universe
Friedman, Jerome

Invited Papers

Swedish Experiences of Landfill Leachate Treatment Using Sequencing Batch Reactors
Morling, Stig

Sustainable Development: A Window on the Future
Cotner, Douglas

Iteratively Detected Twisted-Pair MIMO-OFDM Transmission with Far-End Crosstalk
Ahrens, Andreas; Lange, Christoph

Achieving a Comprehensive and Integrated Energy System through Electricity
Pejovic Stanislav, Kennedy Chris, Karney Bryan, Maricic Tihomir

January 2008 | Volume 4 | Number 1 | ISSN 1820 - 4511

Pearls of Wisdom by Nobel Laureates:

Why We Need Basic Research
Friedman, Jerome

Invited Papers:

Economics for Physicists and Ecologists
Gorga, Carmine

Landmark Detection and Position Correction of Autonomous Mobile Robots Using a Linear Array of Three Ultrasonic Sensors
Vela Nunez, Marina; Ohya, Akihisa

Human Computer Interaction Based on Cognitive Modeling
Fujita, Hamido; Hakura, Jun; Kurematu, Masaki

An Analytic Method of Seasonal Reference in Japanese Haiku-Poem
Yamasaki, Susumu; Yokono, Hikaru

Topological Consideration about the Center in Drawings by Children
Motoya, Yoshiko

July 2007 | Volume 3 | Number 2 | ISSN 1820 - 4511
(Click here to download)

Editor Introduction:

How to Ruin the Carrier of a Ph.D. Student: Precise Guidelines
Milutinovic, Veljko; Tomazic, Saso

Pearls of Wisdom by Nobel Laureates:

Getting Good Ideas in Science and Engineering
Perl, Martin

How Does Science Contribute to Peace
Friedman, Jerome

Invited Papers:

Space Tether Technology - Verification in Space and Future
Fujii, Hironori A., Watanabe, Takeo; Kusagaya, Tairo; Trivailo, Pavel

Sonic Boom Alleviation for Next Generation Supersonic Transport
Kubota, Hirotoshi

Mimesis - The Scapegoat Model
Dumont, Jean Baptiste

Anthology, Temporality and Information in a Dynamic System
Jovic, Franjo

Regular Contributions:

Structural Modelling and Consumer - Driven Decision: A New Synthesis to Put Content Into the Structure
Badredine, Hala; Moskowitz, Howard

Heat Equation with the Concentrated Capacity and Constant Coefficients
Jovanovic, Bosko; Jovanovic Irena

Sustainable Development: Science Must Precede Public Policy
Cotner, Douglas

A New Decision Algorithm for Vendor Selection in Chinese Banks
Zhao, Chen

On the Equivalence of Matter to Energy and to Spirit
Gorga, Carmine

January 2007 | Volume 3 | Number 1 | ISSN 1820 - 4511
(Click here to download)

Pearls of Wisdom by Nobel Laureates:

Another View on Computer Architecture
Wilson G., Kenneth

The Key to Innovation
Friedman, Jerome

Number and Organization of Primary Memory Objects in the Brain
De Gennes, Pierre-Gilles

Invited Paper:

Flight Performance of Planetary Atmospheric Flight Airship (PLAS)
Fujii, Hironori A.

University of Belgrade Research Efforts:

Advances in Symbolic Simulation of Systems
Tosic, V., Dejan; and Lutovac, D., Miroslav

Specifying Sequent Calculi Rules for Managing Some Redundancies in Proof Search
Lutovac A., Tatjana

Accelerating Conjugate Gradient Solver: Temporal Versus Spatial Data
Korolija G., Nenad

The Pattern-Oriented Decision-Making Approach
Delibasic, A., Boris; and Suknovic, B., Milija

Regular Contributions:

Development of User-Friendly Didactic Climate Models for Teaching and Learning Purposes
Goyette, Stephane; Platteaux, Herve; and Jimenez, Francois

Knowledge Processing and Computer Architecture
Omerovic, S.; Tomazic,S.; Milovanovic, M.; and Torrents, Michael

Development of a Biomechanical Knowledge System to Identify Brain Injuries in Emergency Department
Kou, Zhifeng; and Ziejewski, Mariusz

Literature Review of Water Demand
Milutinovic, Milan

July 2006 | Volume 2 | Number 2 | ISSN 1820 - 4511
(Click here to download)

Knowledge Markets: More than Providers and Users
Simard, Albert

Supporting Indigenous Sexual and Reproductive Health via the Internet
Soar, Jeffrey; and Yuginovich, Trudy

A Brain Programmer for Increasing Human Information Processing Capacity
Songhai Chai

An Internet-based Approach for Administration of Business School Internships
Hedin, R. Scott; Terpening, Willbann D.; and Shrader, Mark J.

A Hybrid DCT-SVD Video Compression Technique (HDCTSVD)
Tong, Lin; and Rao, K.R.

Building Secure Network Infrastructure For LANs
Yeung, K., Hau; and Leung, T., Chuen

The Impact of the Increasing use of Instant Messaging (IM) on User's Real Social Communication and Integration
Hameed, Shafqat; Badii, Atta; and Mellor, John

Development of Methodology for E-materials Making and Integration as Support to E-education
Despotovic, S., Marijana; and Savic, M., Ana

Power Loading in MIMO Multicarrier Transmission Systems for Multi-Pair Cables
Lange, Christoph; and Ahrens, Andreas

A Large Scale, Distributed, Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma Simulation
Townsley, Michael; Weeks, Michael; Ragade, Rammohan; and Kumar, Anup

Business Oriented OSS for NGN
Akhgar, B.; Munoz, M., G., Juan; Lopez, A., L., Jose; Siddiqi, J.; and Shah, H.,Nazaraf

A Hybrid DWTSVD Image-coding System
Ochoa, Humberto; and Rao, K.R.

January 2006 | Volume 2 | Number 1 | ISSN 1820 - 4511
(Click here to download)

Bit and Power Loading for Wireline Multicarrier Transmission Systems
Ahrens, Andreas; and Lange, Christoph

Topological considering of drawing development of children
Motoya, Yoshiko

Picture Script: Visualizing Graphical User Interface Commands for Recycling
Sasakura, Mariko; Iwata, Kenichi; and Yamasaki, Susumu

Interactive Distance Teaching - Application Study of a combined Semester Course of two Universities
Meiï¿œner, K.; Fischer, U.H.P.; Wermser, D.; and Dettmann, U.

The Effect of Demographics on Seamless Mobile Service Interface
Mattila, Anssi; and Pento, Tapio

Modelling of the Non-linear Stochastic Systems
Tabrizi, H. N., Mohammad; Liu, J., Jui; and Billings, A., Steve

Thermal Wave Propagation Phenomenon in Thin Film by Means of Molecular Dynamics Method
Torii, Shuichi; and Wen-Jei, Yang

An fMRI Study of Emotional Engagement in Decision-Making
Perez-Alvarez, Frederic; Timoneda, Carme; and Reixach, Jordi

Do Takeovers Downgrade the Contents of Human Rights and Freedoms in EU?
Korze, Branko

Determinants of structural adjustments: A Case of Slovenian companies
Rant, Melita

Lab System for Higher Education in Wavelength Division Multiplex Techniques for Photonic Systems
Fischer, U. H. P.; Schmidt, M.; Volmer, T.; Weigl B; and Just, J.-U.

Political System's Evaluation Using Markov Model with Sustainability and Safety as Reverse Processes
Lepage, Alain

July 2005 | Volume 1 | Number 2 | ISSN 1820 - 4511
(Click here to download)

An M+I+T++ Research Approach to Network-Based Mobile Education (NBME) and Teaching?Studying?Learning Processes: Towards a Global Metamodel
Ruokamo, Heli; and Tella, Seppo

Polyscopic Topic Maps-Based Flexible and Exploratory Learning
Karabeg, D.; and Guescini, R.

Neurobiological and Transformational Learning
Janik,Daniel; Bills, Margaret.; Saito, Hisako; and Widjaja, Christina

The Management of Personnel Collaboration for the Improvement of Multidisciplinary Projects
Lepage, A

Quantitative Evaluation of Singing through Electromyography
Shan, Jing; Visentin, Peter; and Shan, Gongbing

Validation and Usability Analysis of Intelligent Systems: An Integrated Approach
Mosqueira-Rey, Eduardo; and Moret-Bonillo, Vicente

Telemedicine Intelligent Learning. Ontology for Agent Technology
Ferrer-Roca, A. O.; Figueredo, K.; Franco, A.; and Cardenas, B.,

Online Fundraising for Nonprofit Organizations
Pollach, Irene; Treiblmaier, Horst; and Floh; Arne

From Art to Industry: Development of Biomedical Simulators
Kofranek, Jiri; Andrlik, Michal; Kripner, Tomas; and Stodulka, Petr

Performance of a Parallel Technique for Solving Stiff ODEs Using a Block-diagonal Implicit Runge-Kutta Method
Kartawidjaja, M. A.; Suhartanto, H.; and Basaruddin, T.

An Analysis of Student Satisfaction in Higher Education Courses Delivered Online and in the Live Classroom
Abdul-Hamid, Husein; and Howard, James

Sustainability and Safety: The Complex System Properties
Afgan, H., Naim; and Carvalho G.Maria

January 2005 | Volume 1 | Number 1 | ISSN 1820 - 4511
(Click here to download)

Guest Editor's Introduction: Wisdom of Education for Globalization
Milutinovic, Veljko

Issues in Wireless Security Based on AES Hardware Implementation
Bojanic, S. Carreras, C., Diez, J. M., and Nieto-Taladriz, O.

Programming Language Concepts for Global Computing
Ferreira, U.

Information Extraction from Texts: Adapting a System for Summarization of News Reports to the Domain of Bioinformatics
Gawronska, B.

easyTransport: An Interoperable and Secure e-ticketing Model based on Contactless Smart Cards
Gomez Skarmeta, A.F., Martinez Perez, G., and Yago Sanchez, C. M.

Adaptive Collaboration: The Road Map Leading Telework to a More Advanced and Professional Working Format
Hori, M. and Ohashi, M.

Molecular Processes as a Basis for Autonomous Networking
Kruger, B. and Dressler, F.

H1B Visa and the Policy Vignette for 21st Century Dislocated Workers in the United States
O'Lawrence, H.

Factors Affecting Supplier Adoption of Governmental Reverse Auctions: an Exploratory Case Study
Radhakrishnan, A., Davis, S., and Davis, B. R.

Quantifying the Learning Efficiency of Programming Learning and Its Implications
Shyu, Y.

Agile Systems for Clinical Research
Wade, T. D. and Murphy, J.R.

Reasoning Procedure and Implementation for Logic Programs as Managing Schemes to Extract Demand
Yamasaki, S., Iwata, K., and Sasakura, M.

The Student Wisdom of the Year 2004:
"Opportunity and risk come together!"
Miloš Kotlar,
University of Belgrade, Serbia

The Student Wisdom of the Year 2003:
"A low-effort help in the present
may result in unimaginable success in the future!"
Nenad Korolija,
University of Belgrade, Serbia

The Student Wisdom of the Year 2002:
"Definition of success is leading an honorable life!"
Davor Magdic,
University of Belgrade, Serbia

The Student Wisdom of the Year 2001:
"Ideas are easy; implementation is hard!"
Aleksandar Milenkovic,
University of Belgrade, Serbia

The Student Wisdom of the Year 2000:
"Life is not fair, just deal with it!"
Emil Jovanov,
University of Belgrade, Serbia